These are just a few of the comments made by Mary’s Clients .

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Mary your wonderful personality certainly made our first experience very comfortable.  Thank you for the time & care you have taken.

Mr & Mrs S


Mary is a wonderful lady. Made us feel totally at ease . Feel great now +much lighter :) 

Stephanie T 02/09/13


Walked in feeling nervous, but Mary made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable . will definitely be back for another  session.

Adrienne T  02/09/13


Second visit for colonic …. Felt fabulous after my first visit 3 months ago . Mary is amazing, a lovely lady. She makes you feel at ease , explains every step of the process and maintains your dignity during the entire treatment . 



Hi Mary! Hope you are well? I just wanted to drop you an email to say the biggest THANK YOU!!! I feel amazing following my colonic a couple of weeks ago – my bowel habits have completely changed – I am regular, no longer bloated, no embarrassing wind and my skin & hair are glowing!! I have had so many compliments about my appearance and my figure!! The bloating made me look pregnant – now my tummy is almost flat!! I am sleeping better, haven’t had any headaches and can concentrate at work!! The last period I had wasn’t as painful – not sure if that’s linked?? You are amazing and have made me feel on top of the world – I am singing your praises to anyone that will listen!! Thank you again Mary xxxxxx



My first Visit, recommended by a friend and to accompany my daughter. I was quite nervous being a bit old for this kind of thing.  Mary was so friendly and talked me  through every stage, which put me at ease.  Feel better already and will come again.  Thank you Mary  



Came in feeling quite nervous about my first colonic hydrotherapy and left feeling wonderful about the the whole experience. Thank you for having such a kind, sensitive manner, which made the whole experience quite enjoyable.

S Smith  13/09/12


Mary’s own unique, healing touch and caring , friendly personality, turns a potentially embarrassing treatment into a pleasant, comfortable experience. Thanks Mary 

B, S ,J, J and L x   25/5/ 12


I found the colonic experience fantastic . Mary makes you feel totally at ease through-out.  She is friendly and warm and makes you feel so comfortable.   was amazed at how fabulous I felt afterwards , It was quite euphoric ! I felt slimmer and my skin was the clearest its ever been. Def worth having it done and will be doing it again. Thank you  Mary, you’re a lovely lady :)

Emma   16/5/2012


I came in after my wife recommended it to me. I was very pleased with the service.  Very friendly , very professional and very welcome.  I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and advice given, a fantastic place and hope to see you again !  

Many thanks  Mo    7/06/11


After attending  the Harmony Clinic,  I realised that the previous experience of colonic hydrotherapy had shortfalls to say the least ( performed elsewhere). I immediately booked up a course of treatments . I will use no other practitioner for my treatment. Thank you very much Mary.

W & A


Mary, this was my first colonic and I was very nervous , but you made the experience very relaxing . It was strange at first but not as uncomfortable as I expected.  at the end of the the treatment I felt really well , so comfortable – not at all bloated as I had been when I came in. I would recommend it to anyone!

3 days later-  I must say I feel great! all my tummy problems, bloating, wind etc. all symptoms gone ! I haven’t felt this well for years !!   

Ruth x    7/08/08


That was the best poo we have ever had !!

P &M


Most welcoming and pleasant shop/clinic  we have ever been in , calming and smells wonderful ! waiting now for our treatment ....



My second colonic , feel great !  Highly recommended!!  I noticed after my first treatment, less bloating and  regular  bowel motions, Thank you Mary , lovely lady , I will be back .

Paula x


After 10 years + of stomach and bowel problems , 3 unsuccessful surgery attempts and many many second opinions. Mary has sorted me out. Two monthly sessions worked well for me, but as Mary says everyone is different . I am now independent . Thank you Mary for changing my Life .

Sadie x


You have many wonderful gifts Mary, including humour,and friendliness . you clearly love your job and your interest in Poo is fascinating. You are also a true inspirational- from one who knows !

Teresa   30/04/11


MARY, I was diagnosed with IBS ten years ago and have suffered every day until the day I picked up the phone and pleaded with you for help. you were kind and warm from the very first words and my nerves went.  I will never look back and suffer again.  You have changed my life in such a wonderful way. I just  can’t thank you  enough! I feel fantastic , healthy and  so happy . Thank you Mary & Harmony Health Clinic .


Thank you for giving me my life back.x

Rita 4/02/06


I have had colitis for 15 years and wanted to try colonic hydrotherapy ,but wasn’t brave enough !  After talking it through with Mary I took the plunge and am SO GLAD I did . I’m feeling so well now . Mary is a very caring person and I would really recommend her as a therapist . Thanks Mary 



No more Toxins no more wind no more bloating . Regular bowel movements . Best thing I have ever had after years of laxatives. Thank you Mary.


Thank you for making me feel so at ease throughout  the treatment . I felt so comfortable and relaxed and had great results! can’t believe I have lost 1/2 a stone ! 

Kate B     feb 8th 1014


Thank you so much for the weirdest, most amazing experience ever. I am farting stars and pooping rainbows!  ha ha ha !    : )     See you again soon.   X X X   .


I cannot recommend Mary enough, always a good experience and leave feeling brand new . 

Everyone should try a good ‘clear out ‘ every now and then .         David 


10th April 2014

My first ever colonic ……  Wow ! !     I was very very  nervous, but Mary is such a lovely person.  She instantly puts you at ease and makes the whole experience such a relaxing, enjoyable one !

She explained the process step by step which helped relax me straight away. I felt amazing afterwards and  lighter  ! !

I would 100% recommend having a colonic done by Mary to everyone !

Thank you so much Mary,    Carly X X   :)


After being in hospital for 3 days with constipation, I was in immense pain , losing the will to live after months of pain.Mary put me totally at ease on my first visit and I pooed for England, Scotland and Wales !! That was the most amazing poo ever !!  Thank you forgiving my sanity back  : )    

    Tasha X X 


I didn’t really know what to expect, so was a little apprehensive at first . Mary quickly put me at ease and explained what

was going to happen, so it didn’t shock me in the way it could of had. Felt great afterwards and lost a few pounds too !!

The perfect boost to get me living a more healthy lifestyle !

J P  x x                      22nd Nov 2014



Thank you Mary .

You really have worked wonders . Mainly, you explain step by step what is going to happen and your relaxing sense of humour made the process very easy, and in a weird way , Amazing , ha ! 

I would definitely  come back again . Hopefully I won’t need it as much next time   : ) 

Thank you again ,            Jamie X X         



These are just a few of the comments made by Mary’s Clients .

 If you would like to leave a comment, please leave your message at  maryberry@harmonyhc.co.uk  thank you


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