Mary is a qualified Reflexologist with 26 years experience. She is also practises Reiki and incorporates this in her treatments by adding a few minutes of Reiki energy at the end of each session.

Reflexology in actionWhat is Reflexology?
Reflexology is both old and new. It is believed to date back 5000 years ago when early Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Egyptians worked on feet to promote good health. These methods have been developed and refined to the standard of reflexology today.
The theory of reflexology is that the feet can be classed as a map of the body with each organ or part of the body having a corresponding reflex area on the feet. By working on the feet the natural healing powers of the body can be activated.
The body and the feet are divided into ten zones within which energy is circulated around the body from the toes to the head and back round again.
When an area of the body does not function smoothly the energy flowing within the body in that zone stops. By working on the feet, using specific techniques the calcium and uric deposits in the feet are broken down and eliminated, allowing the energy to flow again. The malfunctioning area of the body is now able to correct itself by regaining the natural balance. This rebalancing is the key factor of reflexology. Reflexology does not heal or cure, but helps rebalance the system, thus relieving the problems.

What does it do?
It reduces stress and induces deep relaxation. It is estimated that 75% of all illnesses are stress related. Reflexology reduces and generates a deep level of relaxation. It is not unusual for clients to fall asleep during treatment! It is said that 30 or 40 minutes sleep during a reflexology treatment can be more beneficial and restorative than a nights sleep.

Reflexology improves the circulationSpectacular clouds
It is essential for the blood to flow freely around the body as it carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells removing waste products and toxins during the process of metabolism. Stress and tension tighten up the cardiovascular system restricting blood flow and the circulation becomes sluggish. Reflexology assists the flow naturally.

Cleansing the body of toxins and impurities
Toxins and waste products build up in the body. Reflexology helps cleanse the body by stimulation the lymphatic and excretory systems, unblocking the waste matter build-up.

Other benefits of Reflexology

  • Balances the whole system giving it the “tune-up” it needs.
  • Revitalises energy.
  • Acts as a preventative healthcare, boosting the immune system which often comes under an immense strain with day to day living.
  • Stimulates creativity and productivity restoring mental alertness and reducing tension, thereby calming the mind allowing clarity of thoughts.
  • Helps relationships. The client is calmer after a treatment and the chemistry between two people i.e. husband and wife can greatly improve.
  • May be used to assist the increase of fertility.
  • Promotes health and well-being during pregnancy.
  • Finally the practitioner is rewarded by helping others to feel good enabling them to enjoy improved health.

     £30 for a full one hour session

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